Data Rate
Data Rate helps organizations and private users to build up their data resources by rating, saving, and sharing items found online. Make your favorite data resources available to the rest of your team and friends with just a few clicks.
It’s time for better data.
A programmer from a company encounters a question related to the database. He goes to a certain website and finds the function he needs, then sees the data’s rating from
another user ...
For the Programmer
A day in the life of market researchers is filled with online searches. Find it, save it, enter data into a spreadsheet, build it up with relevant tidbits, turn data into tables, repeat the process ...
For the Market Research Analyst
Scientists looks for relationships between active ingredients and their effects in a normal lifecycle. Combing through articles looking for specific bits of text is time-draining ...
For the Scientist
We’re changing the way data is used, shared, and trusted by internet users.
How Data Rate Works?
Take action on your private data
Every person is a cloud of moving information, emails, WhatsApp, management systems, and more. Relevant can be easily lost in an endless flow of information. With Data Rate, you can turn any piece of information into your private search object and share it accordingly.
Save time with object navigation
Find the precise information you need, when you need it. The “rated elements” that have been searched by someone from your organization or elsewhere in the world are stored in our shared environment and accessible with a short search process.
Get to know your workforce
We value users by ranking quality. Find users who understand areas that can bring value to your business. Reach out to experts in various fields.
Work together with the inter-site web search
Display ratings for objects on websites using a special UI layer. Keep tabs on ratings and usage in real-time. Teams can collaborate on any source of information.
Data Rate makes every element rateable, from entire web pages to articles, paragraphs, images, and more. Users can mark, rate, tag, save, share and review any piece of information with a couple of clicks.
Make it easy to collect data
We turn all rated elements into searchable, easy-to-find Independent queries. AI sorts items based on the level of rating and assigns keyword tags for easy location in our database.
Never lose important information with our central database
Rate It. Tag It. Find It. Use It.
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Data Rate
A shared environment for data resources collected across the web, rated by users, and centralized in our database.