Data Rate
Boost Visitors Confidence Through Real reviews
Data Rate is a rating, review and feedback platform that integrates with your website, leading users to help you create better content and experiences.
Embed Data Rate in your website. Let users rate your content, web structure, or anything they like. Use the data to make impactful changes and create experiences your users want.
How Data Rate Works?
Unique Ratings & Reviews
User-Friendly Dashboard Control & Deployment
Get data-driven, real-time insights into your ratings and reviews so you can make quick, impactful changes.

Make it Easy to Rate and Review
Data Rate is a new language that speaks directly to your users. We make it easy to collect ratings and reviews on every website element to encourage participation. The more positive ratings, the more people can trust your content. Become an authority and win more business.
Custom Features for Your Use Cases
We build custom rating suites tailor-made to your website and audience. Get the ratings that matter so you can continuously improve. Contact us for special request
Improve Inter-Site Searches
Built-in AI tools help users find content on your website based on keyword searches. Turn ratings and reviews into searchable queries to help future visitors navigate your website.
Make every element ratable, from entire web pages to articles, paragraphs, images, and more. Display ratings for objects on your website using a special UI layer and
What Makes Data Rate Great?
Improve SEO
Use ratings and reviews to create better content that will increase website traffic, dwell time, user engagement, and improve keyword usage.
Help your visitors
Make sure your visitors can find what they’re looking for. We guide them to content based on what other people have found and rated.
Encourage users
Build confidence in conversions based on others’ experiences. Show your data is trusted and relied upon by others.
Gain Deeper Insights
Know that others love your data just as much as you do. Learn how they feel about the accuracy, reliability, and display of your content.
Content Marketing
Whenever your rated objects reach certain levels, we post those objects on social networks and target users who are interested in the context of the keywords, Encourage them to rate and review and attract more users to your website

Increase Website Traffic

Ranking content will be saved in the Data Rate system so your user can get back to you for future reference, save what they like, and share it with others, Visit Datarate system. gett direct channel to invite content influencers, users, and communities to read and rate your content.
Premium dashboard data insight
Custom rate platform - up to 20
Unique ratings & reviews web integration
150 pages
User help rating feature
Rating intra-website search engine
Plan Include:
Get up and running across your entire website with very few limitations. Start putting data to work for you and your users.
Premium dashboard data insight
Custom rate platform - unlimited
Unique ratings & reviews web integration
500 pages
User help rating feature
Rating intra-website search engine
Plan Include:
The most feature-rich platform, get unlimited custom rating platforms across every webpage element.
Rating intra-website search engine
Basic dashboard data insight
Unique ratings & reviews web integration
10 pages
User help rating feature
Plan Include:
Give us a try, with no obligation to buy whatsoever.
Data Rate pairs gamification with natural language processing and image recognition technologies to encourage users to rate, review, and start conversations about any object on your website. Question Generators, Finding Answers, Trivia, and other methods help users discover new information and facts throughout your website without missing out on the important stuff.
Why Users Will Rate
Turns ratings and reviews into a gamified dimension
Earn Points, Rate More
In true gamification fashion, users and website owners will earn points the more they rate.
The more relevant the information, the higher the quality of the object and the more points users and creators will earn!
Get points for positive ratings. Once you earn a certain number of positive ratings, we publish you on social media in targeted advertisements for people who may be interested in the information and invite them to share their thoughts on your content — driving more people to your site!
For Websites:
Each time a user comments on or rates objects, they will earn points. Website owners can offer` incentives to anyone who has visited your website to keep track of elements, save them, and create new ones.
For Users:
Gamify Your Ratings
Rate It. Tag It. Find It. Use It.
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Data Rate
Data Rate helps website owners create genuinely helpful content and user experiences by using user ratings and reviews across their entire website.